Gabriel - Studio Cast Recording by Andrew Fisher and Nick Stimpson (
‘Gabriel’, a new fun, upbeat, and inspiring family musical, with music and lyrics by Andrew Fisher and book by AndrewFisher and Nick Stimson, was released on December 14 by SimG Records.
The nativity is told from Gabriel's point of view. He wants to become an Archangel and sees this as an opportunity to gain promotion. Unsurprisingly, for one so ambitious he is filled with assumptions and expectations of where, when and how the son of God will arrive on Earth and as time goes by Gabriel becomes aware that those preconceptions need reframing and with this change of focus comes his personal epiphany and understanding of the wider world.The stellar cast, headed by Daniel Boys (Gabriel,) David Badella (Herod) Lauren Samuels (Mary) and Stuart Matthew Price (Joseph) bring a great quality and depth to the vocals. 
Daniel Boys clearly enjoys the soulful/Gospel style "Bring Word Master" as he delivers the message to Mary. Whilst the more reflective "Heaven's Plan's a Mystery" is a perfect number for such a fabulous voice.
There are some lovely lighter moments: "I Spy" sung by The Shepherds (James Gillan, Joel Montague and Kit Orton) passing the time on the hillside and "Following the Star" from the Kings (Kit Orton, Ben Stock and Stephen Weller.)
David Badella reflects a brooding power and pure tyranny as King Herod. The harsh "Political Necessity" being the moment he condemns all male children to death.
There are moments when the more complex musical numbers work particularly well such as "Onwards" and "The Wedding" where the cultural style of the journey and the counterpoint of the vocals add an additional layer to proceeding. 

The sequence of events is faithful to the traditional nativity, the elements of fun with the Inn Keepers hoe down influenced "Make Hay"  no doubt will work well on stage as an opening to Act 2. The change of mood into the foretelling "Myrrh, Incense and Gold" by the Kings allows a far more serious reflection.

As so many new musicals rely strongly on the book; the past experience of both Andrew Fisher and Nick Stimson would suggest it is in good hands.

It is hard to find the nativity performed so much in these multi faith times but there will no doubt be a place for this show once the world has regained a little normality and this particular Christmas story can be told once again.