Next Show: FROSTBITE – Who Pinched my Muff? – GARDEN THEATRE at Eagle London (
First of all I’d like to start by saying what a great venue the Eagle is, a little fringe theatre tucked away at the back of a gay pub in deepest darkest Vauxhall, I wasn’t aware of it in the days pre COVID but since they reopened  this summer with a fabulous production of Stella and Fanny I am absolutely sold, and so I was very happy to be coming back here again to review their Christmas production ‘Frostbite - who pinched my muff’ A pantomime for grownups. 
The Show opens with a stand off between the good fairy Snowflake and the demon Frostbite, Frostbite wants to freeze the hearts of all humanity, starting with the good folk of Vauxhallen; the happiest little alpine village in all of London, of course Snowflake must do all she can to prevent this happening, aided by her side kick Lumiukko (played by James Lorrie) the wonderfully camp Scottish snow-boy who just wants a nice cuddle!
Meanwhile in wintery Vauxhallen our young hero Garbo sets out to win the heart of the Greta the Bergermeister’s daughter, but as a modern independent woman will she fall for his thigh slapping charm? Especially as her father is not sure that Garbo (played by actress Shelly Rivers) is the really the right sort of boy. (He might have point there!) 
While we are on the subject of gender bending no panto would be complete without a dame, and Derek walker’s performance as Dame Herda Gerda really stole the show, I particularly enjoyed her fabulously X rated version of a ‘partridge in a pair tree’.
But I have to say although there were plenty of laughs and the cast gave it bags of enthusiasm there were a couple of times where the dialogue was a bit stilted and the humour felt a bit forced, not only that but dear little Lumiukko really need to sort his make up out! However I am not going to nit pick as over all this was a lot of fun, and got really a great response from the audience. My plus one had never seen a panto before (it’s not a thing in Germany) and she absolutely loved it, a guy Sitting next to me told me he’d been really depressed and this was the first time in weeks he’d actually had a good laugh, and to quote a group of cheery gay guys sitting at the next table ‘lets face it this is pretty much the best night out you can have at the moment!’ And you know what they’re probably  right! My advice for anyone considering planning to see Frostbite: round up your support bubble, get a few mulled wines down you neck and just go with the flow, yes its OTT yes it’s incredibly silly but hey it’s panto and in these uncertain times it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.