THE GOLD KILLING Bastei Lubbe on Audible/once BBC 4 Radio Drama of The Week
Directed by Sally Avens, Paul Sellar's The Gold Killing (2015) is a drama of intrigue, investigating the underground world of big business and international crime. The central character is Joe Stein (Robert Glenister), ex-boxer now entrepreneur who, with the aid of dubious finance, has created his own little Brighton Riviera and is now attracted to an investment into a Ghanian Gold Mine. But this is a new world, where treachery and intrigue, ruthlessness and lies govern and where the Mafia and Russian Oligarchy have a strong hold. Naively Joe believes that having a little 'mazel' (good luck) will see him well, but of course that would be too easy. As Joe concedes, 'Money comes at a price'.

Following the success of his previous radio drama, The Moonflask, this two part thriller exposes the underhand dealings of those who seek control, who manipulate those around them to move them ever higher and onward, achieving a high life of wealth at the expense of those who are brought down on their journey.

An ex fighter, will Joe recognise when it is time to leave the ring or must he continue to rotate the treadmill in order to survive and to secure the safety of his beloved wife, Val and daughter?

Past associates will lie and deceive, who is to be trusted? Joe has been around a bit but does not always see what's coming. It may seem 'kosher' as old friend Sydney (Stephen Critchlow) purports, but of course it isn't. Accused by Val of playing a gamble with their futures, Joe has some tough decisions to make.

Robert Glenister is convincing as Joe Stein and is supported by a strong cast, including Pip Torrens, David Hounslow, Amelia Lowdell, Danny Sapani, Obi Abili, Alex Tregear, Rhiannon Neads and Stephen Critchlow.  

‘The Gold Killing’ was BBC Drama of the Week and is now published by Bastei Lubbe on Audible.  

*note: The review of How To Build A Supertower is by the same playwright.