The Showstoppers' Alternative Eurovision Song Contest (
Just when you think another Friday night lockdown could not get
any better The Showstoppers’ Alternative Eurovision Song Contest takes centre
stage. Ensuring the nonsense, politics, camp and glamour of the Eurovision is
safely in place they sensibly make the songs shorter, funnier and enrol
outstanding presenters and celebrity judges to help up enjoy the ride.


the UK some households are bereft at the cancellation of this year’s jamboree
but here socially distanced, recorded in isolation and brilliantly edited the
gallant cast and guest singers captured all that is great and good about this
institution.  The lockdown edition may
well be remembered for the amount of puppets used, a token step ladder, penny
whistle and the importance of a shed (check out Russia)


Evans, with some glorious jackets, and Andrew Pugsley presented with great
style.  Kudos also to Andrew for editing,
inspiring and being responsible for the entire evening which ran on social
media with a live feed to capture responses. With the introduction of celebrity
judges: Christopher Biggins, Arelene Phillips, Claire Sweeney and London Hughes
alongside Tom Allen lending his voice as the commentator, the show was a
triumph from the outset. 


outstanding cast were given the option to vote for each other, needless to say
the essential politics played out as expected as well as some unspoken love
trysts and breakups.


Showstoppers Company consisted of:


Ainscough - Fergal Brogue for IRELAND, ‘If You’re With Me’

Bratt - OM for FINLAND, ‘Domino’

Brett - Hej! for SWEDEN, ‘Hej! Fever’

Clare - Marla for ITALY, ‘Only You’

Emery - Hakan for TURKEY, ‘Into Your Light’

Harrison - Marika Elán for SLOVAKIA, ‘Identity’

James - Kristina Jansons for LATVIA, ‘(Love) Come And Get Me’

Jackson - Le Bon Bon for FRANCE, ’Super Sweet’

McCann - Archangel for RUSSIA, ‘I’m In A Shed (I’m The New King)’

Meggido - Marco Felatio for MONTENEGRO, ‘Valetta’

Pellew - Bim and Bo for PORTUGAL, ‘Familias Felizes (Happy Families)’

Urquhart - Rama Stein for GERMANY, ‘Bundesliga Dankeschoen Schmetterling

Trodd - Roxana for Azerbaijan, ‘Earth Cry’


the Showstopper company saw guest singers fight for the crown:

- Costas and Maria for GREECE, ‘3 Gloves (Sexy Baby)’

Gray - Yana Novakovakova for CZECH REPULIC, ‘Sad Clown’

Lawrence - Yosie Longrance for DENMARK, ‘Bink Bonk Bink (Cheeky Monkey)’

McShane - Damathous Mamanappi for CYPRUS, ‘Wind In My Valley’



Germany may have won; few will survive the long term damage of cheeky monkey
and “Bink Bonk Bink.” We will also be eternally grateful for Czech Republic and
Sad Clown. The plight of penguins has never been so touching: “Stop using
penguins for your fancy hats and shoes.”


humour was razor sharp and both lyrics and musically the parodies rang true.
The underlying skill of the entire musical team: Duncan Walsh Atkins,
Christopher Ash and Jordan Clarke. Percussion: Alex Atty and Craig Apps. Guitars:
Dylan Emery and Justin Brett cannot be underestimated.


raising vital funds via voting for The Care Workers’ Charity Emergency Fund, (up
to £6K raised during the stream alone) this was everything that is precious
about the industry and the willingness to share joy and skills during these
unsettling times.  This was a huge
success and a welcome relief in the midst of the passing days and weeks.  Theatre in isolation is a great comfort in
these times and is received with such gratitude.