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Another wonderful evening spent
in the company of the simply divine La Voix at The Waterside Theatre,
Aylesbury.  This lady is stylish, glamorous
and sassy, extremely funny and with a powerful vocal range delivers a night
that you won’t forget.

 La Voix is a regular feature of the pantomime cast
at the Waterside and is always a delight to watch, with her warmth, humour and
perfect comic timing you know you’re in safe hands to relax and enjoy yourself.

Last year I saw La Voix’s cabaret
and still have indelibly imprinted in my mind her hilarious impersonation of
Liza Minnelli attempting to perform Cabaret after having had a hip replacement!

The new tour features an
incredible medley of Whitney Houston songs, as well as a selection of Tina
Turner’s songs, complete with La Voix's hysterically funny “how to move like
Turner” instructions. We also see Judy Garland performing her own unique
version of Cats....I won’t spoil it
for you, but once again this creative lady has found something to stick in your
mind and make you smile time and time again.

La Voix is the consummate stand-up
comedian, extremely witty with quick one-liner put-downs.  Beware if you’re in the front few rows you’re
very likely to be featured in her show, but it’s all very good natured and fun.

I was so pleased to see that this
show has a lot more songs than the previous one, giving her an opportunity to
really let rip with her incredible vocals. 
This lady really can SING!  She’s
supported on stage throughout by her band of musicians wearing sequined jackets
in keeping with the theme.

David Emanuel has designed some
of her stunning costumes and La Voix always looks amazing.  I’ll never know how she manages to walk in
those high shoes, but I spoke to her briefly after the panto and we discussed
the merits of soaking feet in peppermint oil!!

The theatre was packed to the
rafters and a good time was had by one and all. 
La Voix really knows how to put the “E” into “Entertainment.”

Full details of her tour can be
found at lavoix.co.uk

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