Be More Chill At the other Palace (
Ok folks show of hands who wishes they had been to be more confident at school, pretty much everyone right? and if there was something you could have done to change that, wouldn’t you at least be tempted...

With that in mind meet shows main character: Socially awkward teenager gamer Jeremy, Jeremy wants to impress popular drama student Christine, so when School bully Rich tells him about a pill called a squip that implants a Japanese super computer into his brain that will teach him how to be popular Jeremy decides to give it a try.

Once implanted the squib teaches him how to act cool and impress girls, but when it encourages him to ditch his best friend, Jeremy begins to realise the device may not have his best interests at heart...

It’s a coming of age story with the classic message: if you want to get the girl, be yourself and don’t ditch your friends, on stage it’s basically ‘Limitless’ meets ‘High school musical’.
Ok so there’s nothing original here, but that doesn’t really matter when what you do have is a cute, funny well crafted, production with a great cast who really seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage Stewart Clarke was great as the evil mind controlling cyborg but my personal favourites were Christopher Fry who played Jeremy’s depressed Dad and Blake Patrick Andersen who plays  Jeremy’s best friend Micheal and also an excellent cameo role as the shoe store drug dealer.

If you like musicals and want a light hearted feel good romp or heaven forbid you have  to entertain a teenager for whatever reason, you could do a lot worse than this show.