Frankie Foxstone a.k.a The Profit: Walking Tour | VAULT Festival 2020 (

Meet Frankie Foxtone: Property developer extraordinaire, as she takes us on a walking tour/site visit of Waterloo’s vaults to tell us about her exciting new development plans for the area. (Basically tear it down to build luxury flats and a car park.)  
During the tour she not only shares her vision but also her business acumen and few personal details...

The shows creator Comedienne Amy Gwilliam has absolutely nailed the character of Frankie
making her both ridiculous, yet painfully believable, in other words the perfect vehicle for this scathing yet hilarious attack on the world we live in, and hilarious is the right word as she will keep you chuckling all the way through. From nervous ‘Are we allowed to laugh at that?’ giggles as Frankie regales us with stories of her business conquests, to great roaring belly laughs as she forces some audience participation in the form of Team building exercises. (Think Ricky Gervais meets The Apprentice)
Then at last high on a cocktail of adrenaline and money Frankie Foxtone leads us towards a spectacular and entirely unexpected grande finale.....

Frankie Foxtone is on the Vaults until Feb 2nd Catch it if you can!