Dial M For Murder (tour)

The title felt like a well known play, but I hadn't seen it before. After my usual pre-theatre dinner at Yo Sushi with Anne (this time we were both veganuary participants), we headed over for the special gala invitation and sat at our seats on time.

The cast weren't ready, so it gave me time to read the programme and find out that the play was first picked up by the BBC and made for TV in 1952. Then it was an Alfred Hitchcock film in 1954 but writer Frederick Knott had already sold the movie rights for a mere £1,000.

About ten minutes later the lights dimmed and we were about to witness a murder.

The set was a great asset to the production. There are four doors in total for the actors to enter and exit from, including the secret door off the kitchen. This allows for a lot of action without it becoming a farce like Noises Off. Every part of the set was put to great use in the script and every prop had a precise function all connected with the plot.

Leading the cast was Tom Chambers, who I didn't know but apparently won Stricly Come Dancing in 2004, and is always on our TV screens in series such as Emmerdale, Casualty and Father Brown. He played the part very well and left us guessing all the way through.

When the murder eventually happened, it was all too real as we had connected with the villain, probably due to the nature of his initial involvement, and as a result it was all too real. It was a strange and eerie experience.

The setup in the first act seemed to lead us into the break thinking we knew the outcome. We were wrong. There were too many twists and turns, and there was little chance of you getting all the details answered. 

The play has stood the test of time, and in this production, they've played it straight down the line. No frills, just simple delivery and great timing. All four of the cast were on form and I'd highly recommend going to see this thriller when it comes to a theatre near you.

I wonder if they'll change the title for Glasgow when it plays there in March to "There's been a murder". Milton Keynes, Birmingham and Brighton follow on from Glasgow.

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