An act of God (
Written by American David Javerbaum, this energetic off beat comedy made its debut on Broadway in 2015 to a positive critical reception, and is now making its way across the globe. (This is largely thanks to Javerbaums  brilliantly satirical twitter account @thetweetofgod)
 A version of this show is also currently being performed in Spain and this is its UK premier. Apparently Javerbaum worked closely with lead actress, comedienne Zoe Lyons, to tailor the script to appeal to a UK audience, however the premise remains the same: God has returned to earth for a brief time (90 mins) in order to update the 10 commandments for the age in which we live. ( She still likes the odd bit of smiting but these days she’s much more LGBT friendly!)
Although their styles couldn’t be more different, Zoe Lyons could definitely have given Morgan Freedman a run for his money in the role of god. She made the part her own and her comic delivery was just fantastic. Supporting cast also deserve a mention, Tom Bowen gave a solid performance as a pretty boy angel Gabriel but it was Matt Tedford’s gloriously Pythoneque Arch angel Michael that really stole the show. I wish I had made a few more notes about the over all content but unfortunately I was too busy laughing so you’ll have to have to go and see it and draw your own conclusions.
 An act of god runs at the vaults until January 12th tickets £25