La Clique - Leicester Square (
The spiegeltent in Leicester Square offers audiences a chance to step back in time. This mirrored time machine offers a glimpse into the debauched, decadent world of cabaret, headed by the magnificent Mistress of Ceremonies, Bernie Dieter. 
Dieter leads the audience through evening, and provides some of the high points of comedy. Her audience interaction is fun and non-threatening, managing to maintain her song while being manhandled across the stage by four ‘volunteers.’ Her repartee is slick and spot on, playfully teasing the audience resulting in belly laughs. 
The acts on stage may be subject to change but they are all among the best at their art. They perform with a cheeky sexiness, flirting with the audience. There are moments of beauty and serenity, a  counterpoint to some of the more bold performances. Ballet, juggling, aerial work and a sword swallower who puts you on the edge of your seat, transfixed on her performance. Even though you want to look away, you simply cannot take your eyes off the spectacle before you. 
The backdrop to the performances is provided by the in house band, headed up by David Bates and vocals from Kelly Wolfgramm. The music matches the decor and atmosphere of the spiegeltent, and helps to build an evening that is the perfect start to the festive season. 
If panto is not your thing, or if you want an evening free from the politics and world outside, then step inside La Clique - you will not be disappointed. You might be surprised, excited, titillated, but never disappointed.