EDINBURGH FRINGE: The Comedy of Errors in the Garden at St Peter’s Lutton Place (venue 58) (1 hr 20 mins) ****
The professional members of C theatre have you on their side right from the off… by being unprofessional!

The set disappeared when the horse bolted and half the actors are missing so those with the misfortune of being left to cope have to make do.

It’s all part of director Kate Stephenson’s production (or is it, as there were changes on the cast list with some actors playing more than one part?) and an uproarious beginning to what is a joyous romp through a truncated version of one of Shakespeare’s earliest plays.

Rachel Graham and Charlotte Tayler as twin servants Dromio get the ball rolling with a spirited performance full of warmth and humour, as misdirections, misconnections and mistaken identities abound in this 17th century farce, while Graham Elwell makes an imposing Aegeon, whose twin sons were supposedly lost at sea. Tom Huxley Golden makes a good job of playing both twins (just by changing his hat) but there’s a nice touch when they are both on stage together so he hauls someone out of the audience to take part.

The nip in the air was forgotten as the audience became involved in the fun and frolics of a sterling cast whose diction was loud and expressive above the noise of the distant traffic. If we were at all distracted it was by St Peter’s pretty garden which, if the sun’s out makes an ideal setting for a family picnic. If not, blankets and waterproof mats are provided!

The Comedy of Errors in the Garden is at St Peter’s Lutton Place until Aug 26 at 5pm. Tickets £8.50/£10.50.Box Office: 0131 581 5555 www.ctheFestival.com