EDINBURGH FRINGE: The Graveyard Shift at theSpace on the Mile EH1 1TH (venue 39) **
The flyer promises a ‘Gothic bizarre tale of Victorian magic which is both sinister and haunting’, leaving the most sceptical unnerved and huddling together!

Certainly magician Kreestan Sennachie is an imposing figure with his flowing grey locks, but though his waistcoat and frock coat were in keeping with Victorian times, his jeans (though black) were not. And no-one could blame him for not conjuring (sic) up the required atmosphere in a hotel conference room. Scary it was not.

Sennachie’s magic is impressive, and his ability to get almost every member of his audience (including me) to help out, but his tale of Victorian Watt Kepler, who diced with the Occult, was laboured, and when he revealed that a club - eight members of which had been murdered – had stood on the place in which we were sitting, I didn’t feel it was a site-specific performance, more a flight of fancy. I was more taken in by his magic tricks.

The Graveyard Shift is at theSpace on the Mile until Aug 24 at 6.50. Tickets £8/£6.
Box Office: 0131 510 2382 [email protected]