Rhythm of the Dance (rhythmofthedance.com)
Imagine visiting an enchanted world where the Little Folk
are having a party and you’re invited along. 
From the very first note sung by crystal pure female vocals that beckon
the dancers to the stage, we’re transported into the magical world of the Emerald
Isle where mystery, myths and legends abound.

When the Celts arrived in Ireland over two thousand years
ago, they brought with them individual styles of dance and music.  Initially Irish dance was performed by
Druids, who danced in rituals to their pagan gods.  After converting to Christianity the
traditional dances continued, with the circle dances of today beginning after
the Anglo-Norman conquest in the twelfth century.

Rhythm of the Dance was originally created for a 3 week tour
of the US back in 1998.  21 years later
and the show has been seen by over 7 million people worldwide, touring in over
50 countries to critical acclaim.

This new production has been created by Producer Kieran
Cavenagh, who has updated the format to breathe new energy into Irish
dance.  It’s a terrific show that grabs
your attention and pulls you into its magical embrace and holds onto you all

Choreographer Dane McKerman, who is also the lead dancer,
has done an incredible job with all the routines, adding humour and energy to
all the performances.  Lead female dancer,
Amy Marie Prior, is so light and nimble you feel as though you’re watching a
Fairy Princess on the stage.

The traditional Irish dance routines, with rigid upper
bodies and serious faces, makes you focus on the legs and feet of the
troupe.  The agility and speed of
movements is quite astounding and they seem to glide across the stage, tapping
in their heavy shoes and balancing on pointe in complex movements.  The lightness and swiftness of all the
dancers is entrancing as you feel they are almost flying through the air.

What is very special about this show is the immersion of the
band in the story.  They all sat at the
back of the stage, moving forward to perform individual songs sometimes using
the Bodhran drums to call and respond to the dancers. The flutes, pipes, acoustic
guitar, banjo and accordion all serve to draw you in and convey you to the
magical Irish country. Musical director Shane Moran has done a superb job with the
musician/singers and they’re all a key to the appeal of this show.

The backdrop showing scenes of the picturesque Irish
countryside and coastline really does help to transport you into their
enchanting world.  You feel part of the
Craic and with a standing ovation at the end I know that all the audience had
as good a time as I did.

The touring schedule is very hectic with ‘one nighters’
around the country, making the cast’s energy and exertion even more impressive.
Full details can be seen on www.rhythmofthedance.com

Reviewed by:

Yvonne Delahaye