Green Day's American Idiot at The King's Theatre, Glasgow
This rarest of musical beasts returns to The King’s Theatre in Glasgow; the “Punk Rock Opera”
Green Day’s American Idiot.  This truly is a ‘beast’ of a show in every respect; powerful, wild, (at times) ugly but also AWESOME!

Green Day’s 2004 release of the album “American Idiot” saw the modern punk rock band take a new direction.  It wasn't originally intended that the album should convert to stage; more that it emulate a more thoughtfully developed album like the great rock operas ‘Quadrophenia’, ‘Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ or even ‘Sgt. Pepper’.  In creating their Punk Rock Opera they were able to throw away their unwritten “rule book” and approach song writing from a whole new direction – a concept album.  What was written may well have started as a concept, but what emerged on stage was REAL – very real, deep and (sometimes) purposely repellent.  But when the score contains huge hits like “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, “When September Ends” and the awesome title track, the audience are bound to leave the theatre feeling entertained.

BBC Waterloo Road’s, Tom Milner, leads the cast as Johnny (or Jesus of Suburbia) on a
year-long journey against the backdrop of reality for the lower middle classes of America following the 9/11 terror attacks.  Johnny’s experience forms the basis of social comment on a nation which was fighting a culture war to determine its own morality while desperately trying to put a face on faceless enemies overseas.  Milner’s voice is a weapon of mass destruction – perfect in this role.

Johnny is joined by two competing characters.  “Whatshername” (beautifully voiced by X-factor’s Sam Lavery) represents ‘love’ while “St. Jimmy” (played with suitably manic fervour by Luke Friend) represents ‘rage’ – Johnny’s inner demon.  Both characters are a massive influence on Johnny’s actions and lead to a dramatic downward spiral.

The supporting cast are small but fantastically talented.  Each gets a chance to shine in this
dark dystopian reality.  The band clearly play a strong role on stage and Samuel Pope (as Johnny’s mate, Will) plays a double role as guitar #2 – typical
of this multi-talented cast he sings, dances, acts and play’s some serious licks!

The choreography from Director / Choreographer, Racky Plews, is also a major player in the show
as the story unfolds almost like a ballet.  Being a rock musical, Billy Joe Armstrong’s lyrics can sometimes be overtaken by drums and guitar, so the
choreography often plays a key role in outlining the lyrical intent.  The exciting, contemporary (and often comedic) movement is delivered with verve by the energetic cast.
I highly recommend you see this show!  It’s not for the faint hearted – it’s deep, dark, thought provoking, lyrically colourful (they swear a lot) and sexually
provocative … but this serves to deliver Green Day’s original message in a powerful format that is the perfect fit for your first ever Punk Rock Opera!

Green Day’s American Idiot
King’s Theatre Glasgow

Tue 28 May – Sat 1 June 2019
Tue, Wed, Thu evenings 7.30pm
Fri 5pm and 8.30pm
Sat 4pm and 8pm
Tickets from £17.90, Age
guidance 14+

Box Office 0207 2061179
(bkg fee)
(bkg fee)