Coral Browne:This f***ing lady (
This fucking lady

A one woman tribute to the talent of 20th century Australian actress Coral Browne.

Coral who? I hear you ask, No I’d never heard of her either, but having seen now seen this show about the life and times of the colourful Ms Browne who was the darling of mid century stage and screen I can see why writer Maureen Shirlock felt her story needed to be told

The play is set in 1980’s Hollywood with an ageing (perfectly costumed) Coral looking back over her career, from humble beginnings growing up in a Melbourne suburb before packing her bags age 21 and moving to London 1934 to a pursue a career on the stage.  
Having landed she charms her way to the top, becoming first a west end star and eventually moving to Hollywood to pursue a film career with her second husband and fellow actor Vincent Price.

The script was well written but the actress Amanda Muggleton stumbled through it, I guess part of the problem with a solo performance is it must be tough to keep talking for so long, and although there were more than a few prompts I’m not going to lay into her because she picked her self up well each time and kept going, and for the parts where it came together it really was joy to watch: Raucous, side splitting and ever so naughty. As Carol recounts her adventures both on and off stage, these include filming a controversial lesbian sex scene in  ‘The killing of sister George’
A chance meeting with soviet spy Guy Burgess which became the basis for Alan Bennett’s award winning drama ‘An Englishman abroad’ in which Coral played herself and received a BAFTA for best actress in 1984
And a string of famous lovers including an affair with society photographer Cecil Beaton. ‘But wasn’t he gay?’ I hear you ask, ‘Not with me he wasn’t!’ retorts Coral.

With such a star studded C.V it seems a shame that Corals Browne’s name has been forgotten hopefully this play will give her films a bit of resurgence, I know I will definitely be checking them out!

 This f***ing lady is on at the Kings Head Theatre untill June 3rd