Les Musicals Live In Concert
It was the second time this week I was at the Richmond Theatre for a one night musical performance.  These are great events which help to keep theatre venues with some variety in order to keep the bums on seats and paying for the venues upkeep.

Tonight was a slow burner.  Two independently successful singers both from the Simon Cowell talent show camp, Jai McDowell the Scottish guy who won BGT and Jonathan Ansell who came second in the first XFactor with his G4 Group.

The show came alive when they added a touch of humour to their songs. McDowell sang Mr Cellophane from Chicago and won the audience over with the final line "I hope I haven't taken up too much of your time". On Starlight Express, Ansell comes on stage on one of those electric hover board things while shining a torch into the audience.  The duo then do a Chicago medley complete with different hats and wigs before launching into "I can do anything better than you" with each of them competing to be highest or lowest in the vocal ranges. It really brought their characters to life and delighted the audience. 

As for their voices. I wasn't initially impressed with the projection from Ansell, with McDowell coming across stronger in the early stages with his deeper stronger vocals. However, Ansell delivered some stunning performances of Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables. This left McDowell having to work hard in the latter parts to deliver some quality lower ranges.

In all, a great night of entertainment.

Their tour continues until October. Find out more here.


Review by Douglas McFarlane