Cult Internet star Jody Kamali to perform at Brighton (
In Bristol, where he's something of a minor-celebrity, Jody Kamali is better known as comic alter ego and Internet hit Terry the Odd Job Man. Now he's back at the Brighton Fringe with a preview of a new working class character - the bumbling, Bristolian ex-darts champion Mike Daly.

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Directed by acclaimed director character comedian Colin Hoult (Anna Mann, Murder in Successville, Derek) the show offers a whirlwind journey into the soul of an idiot. The beer swigging, pie-munching former champ may have fallen from grace, but he's back. And now he wants to set the record straight.

No stranger to the stage, Kamali regularly performs a crackpot gallery of characters at the Edinburgh Festival, as well as to sell-out audiences at some of Bristol's best known venues. His sixth year at Brighton Fringe, Jody Kamali tells us:

"There's a severe lack of working class actors out there on TV and stage. It's no wonder terrestrial TV figures are dwindling. Everyday people tune into my videos by the thousands as I feel they are not getting this output on TV."

A high energy physical character comedian and actor, Jody Kamali has worked with veteran Lord of the Rings actor Bernard Hill in the film Golden Years, and Harry Hill on the madcap TV project Harry Hill's Tea Time (Harry Hill describes his act as 'brilliant...original visual comedy'.) He currently lives in Beckenham, Kent, where he promotes and comperes the much lauded Beckenham Comedy Caberet. 

Kamali's working class roots inspire many of his character creations, which have in recent years amassed a cult following on Facebook, where his videos have chalked up to quarter of a million views each. These days he even gets mobbed on Bristol's streets.

Mike Daly's calamitous Q&A adventures continue at the Edinburgh Festival later this year.

Mike Daly: Darts and All
The Warren: The Nest
2-5th May - 19.40 - 20.40 - £10

To book tickets visit or call 01273 917272

For more information contact Jody Kamali at [email protected]