Crown Dual
Crown Dual

A glorious parody of hit Netflix series the crown, written by Comedian Daniel Clarkson.
On hearing that Claire Foy has been ousted from her role as The Queen, wannabe actress Beth (played by Rosie Holt) takes to the stage for a hilarious retelling of the story of the British monarchy in bid to land the much coveted part of Elizabeth Regina.

Joined on stage by agent/double glazing salesmen Stanley (played by Brendan Murphy) who has been coerced into playing most of the other roles; from Winston Churchill to a wonderfully boozy princess Margaret with various audience members being roped in to fill the gaps, this is great fun to watch however anyone who isn’t into immersive theatre may wish to avoid the front rows!

Genuinely funny with a wide audience appeal, on point if your a fan of the crown, however this show has something for everyone and even you have never seen an episode I guarantee you will still chuckle. A feel good romp you could take the whole family to, highly recommend.

The Crown Dual is on from March 12th to April 6th at the kings head theatre Islington, see link for more info.