Peter Pan - Aylesbury Waterside Theatre - ATG Tickets (
‘He’s Behind You’...’oh
no he isn’t’, ‘oh yes he is’, ‘oh no he isn’t’ 
only mean one thing, it’s PANTO TIME! 
This year’s panto at the Waterside is Peter Pan, featuring the Lost
Boys, Tiger Lily, Tinker Bell, the crocodile and Smee who set sail for
Neverland to take on Captain Hook.

Britain’s Got Talent’s La Voix (Mrs Smee) returns to the
Waterside for the fourth time, looking extremely glamorous in some gorgeous
costumes.  As always, she brings a warmth
to the characters she plays and she has a lovely singing voice.

Playing the lovable idot, Smee, Andy Collins is back at this
favourite theatre and the audience love him. 
Two little boys next to me were so excited when he came on and loved his
silly jokes.

John Michie played Karl Munro in Coronation Street, burning down
the Rover Return before being hauled off to prison.  So playing villanous baddie Captain Hook in panto
comes easy to him and the audience loved to boo him. He’s also known for Holby
City, Our Girl and Taggart.

Jessica Punch plays Peter Pan with a joy and innocence, engaging
the children with her energy and acrobatics. 
The flying scenes, especially around the audience are wonderful and she
looked as though she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Rosie Needham plays Wendy, Natalie Hollingworth is Tiger
Lily  and the Pirate Crew-Nitwit show
their gymnastic skills in a scene with Smee attempting to join in, which
everyone loved.

The bright and colourful costumes are provided by UK  Productions who produce the show and all add
to the joy of the production, as do the cleverly designed sets.

Christmas really does start here and this really is a
show for all the family, so don’t miss out and book your tickets now!  The show runs until Monday 31st
December 2019.

Reviewed by:

Yvonne Delahaye