Arctic Oil at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh

The stage is small; the set unprepossessing - nothing more than a bathroom. But what Arctic Oil lacks in size it more than makes up for in performance. 

In the hands of writer Clare Duffy, director Gareth Nicholls and actors Jennifer Black and Neshla Caplan, it’s a huge, compelling drama encompassing everything from saving the planet to saving a family, with terrorism, mental health and global warming in the mix… even the Russians get a mention - and all this in only 1hr 5mins.

Set on a remote Scottish island, a mother and daughter are in conflict, each passionate about their own beliefs. It’s as simple as that - or is it? It’s edge of the seat stuff from start to finish.

Performed at a cracking pace, this is a play full of surprises - to elaborate would give the game away. But safe to say, Black and Caplan turn in ‘bloody’ good performances with the help of fight director Raymond Short. 

Arctic Oil is at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh until Oct 20. 
Box Office: 0131 228 1404