A Separate Peace - Tom Stoppard (theartsdesk.com)
A Separate Peace by Tom Stoppard is the first live “Remote
Read” virtual production from Curtain Call.

Whilst we have become used to the wonderful amount of
streamed work online at the moment, the frisson and immediacy of this live
presentation could not have been more welcome. 
Directed by Sam Yates via Zoom the excellent cast grasped the project
and the short play created an oasis of talent and achievement.

A Separate Peace is a charming comedy. Set in a private
nursing home, the medical staff is confused by the arrival of a patient, John
Brown (David Morissey.) An apparently average man who can afford to stay but is
perfectly well and without any medical needs; Brown simply wants peace and
quiet away from the world. However, the medical professionals seek to find a
reason and a truth; as the given explanation seems too suspicious. The
challenge from Stoppard is to consider whether we should delve into the past or
just accept; should we interfere or just keep distant.

The story telling and impact of this remote production is
strong.  The success is in its simplicity
of stripping back and just “being.” The lack of staging, costume or scenery,
except for Brown’s painting, gives us a blank canvas but across the board the characters
convince. Jenna Coleman (Nurse Maggie Coates ) Denise Gough (Doctor) Ed
Stoppard (Matron) and Maggie Service (Nurse)– Jenna Coleman (Victoria, Doctor
Who)ensure that the emphasis purely on the script distils the sentiments and focuses
both the performer and audience in a unique relationship.

Curtain Call has created something exciting and valuable and
hopefully will continue to deliver and plan future performances to quench the
thirst for live theatre.

Petra Schofield