WAIT FOR ME (online)
Wait For Me enjoyed its digital premiere on Monday 5 October 2020. Written and devised by Sam Cassidy and directed/choreographed by The Greatest Dancer finalist Ainsley Ricketts, Wait For Me is a major new British dance musical portraying a tale of life, loss and eternal love, where the strength of the latter can overcome the strongest of adversity and death itself.

Writer Sam Cassidy was in the process of putting together this exquisite piece as a stage performance before the onslaught of Covid. Undeterred, he recognised that the absence of live theatre had created an immense void and that audiences were 'hungry for a theatrical online fix'. He explained that with the aid of cinematographer Nick Ross they could choreograph the entire show on camera, allowing wide sweeping shots that would blend into intimate close-ups so that the emotion on the faces of the dancers would be shown. This succeeded on every level and portrayed with absolute empathy and clarity the joy and anguish of each moment.

In its bubble of six the cast were isolated for three weeks, living together and seeing nobody else. Matt Carmazza's technical team led them through three days of filming, keeping the cast apart for the entire time and coping with the trickiness of process. And the result? A wonderful piece of ethereal beauty, offering a true connection of emotion.

The intimacy of performance transmits across the void of our surreal existence in these strange times and it is with full respect and admiration to cast and creatives that they had the strength of resolve to offer this heart-warming and emotional tale through the channel of online media to an audience shaken by isolation and withdrawal.

We begin in the realm of Heaven where two celestial angels dance in swanlike fluidity through eternity, forever entwined in their euphoria and love until they are recalled to Earth to fulfil a sacred task. Now separated, they each receive a mortal soul and must act as protectors and guardians to find the soul mate of their charges. It is only at that moment of discovery that the two angels may be released to continue their everlasting dance.

Both a love story and a life story Wait For Me tells of Jack and Emma whose destiny is to be made whole, to unite in true love and, despite the tragedy and sadness that awaits them in their journey, their mutual love, support and commitment will ensure their eternal dance until they too are separated to secure a future love destiny for their own charges.

The synergy, dynamism and sincerity of the talented cast featuring Ainsley Ricketts, Chrissy Brooke, Clarice Lanta Lilly, Jaih Betote and vocals sung emotively by Eloise Davies and Bluey Robinson achieve a stirring performance of this sublime theatrical dance piece. Powerfully realised through Rickett's exciting choreography and Mark Benheim's haunting orchestration, episodes of raw, naturalistic fluidity of movement alongside heart breaking stillness and true empathy are magnetically portrayed.

In total, Wait For Me is hypnotic and draws in the viewer to the different chapters of life where there is beauty and awe in love, agony in loss, fearsome protectiveness and support and survival beyond the limits of time.

Captured on our screens through the effectiveness of subdued lighting (Matt Carnazza), sound design/music engineer (Will Vaughan) and technical capability of the creative team, Cassidy's Wait For Me was a joy and a privilege to behold in these times of extreme separation and sadness. I would urge you to see it.


Running Time 50 minutes

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