EDINBURGH FRINGE: Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran at the Traverse Theatre ***
The Traverse Theatre can always be relied upon for presenting ground-breaking drama.

But Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran may be too innovative for its own good.

With instructions to download and join the Instagram app and then the Traverse Wi-Fi before the production, many of us were baffled and distracted when we couldn’t at first log on. The distraction continued when we were asked to watch and listen live on Instagram as Peyvand Sadeghian spoke her words into her phone: delivery came at different times on different phones so that it sounded almost like a whisper going through the audience and we could neither hear our own phones nor the performer.

As this was a preview, hopefully the technical side will improve as the Fringe continues, because what Sadeghian and her co-performer, co-creator (with Kirsty Housley) and writer Javaad Alipoor had to say was jaw-dropping stuff.

Through a series of images (on our phones but it was easier to follow them on the on-stage screen) we were taken on the journey made by a rich kid in Tehran who was, basically killed by materialism.

A shocking picture of his Porsche, which he smashed, killing himself and his girlfriend, after taking heroine and drinking (only the best) Champagne, the documentary-style presentation takes us back minutes, hours and then years beforehand, charting how wealth came about, how it has changed society and, even more terrifyingly, the legacy it is leaving behind.

This is a well-researched piece, passionately delivered, but maybe the glitches are the universe telling us something.

Rich Kids: A History of Shopping Malls in Tehran is at the Traverse Theatre EH1 2ED until Aug 25 at various times. Tickets £21 with concessions.
Box Office: 0131 228 1404/traverse.co.uk