DIE! DIE! DIE! OLD PEOPLE DIE! (bac.org.uk)
I wanted to like this I really did, it sounded so promising, the ridiculous title, the subject matter; a farcical comedy exploring old age and bereavement, performed by cult theatre group Ridiculousmus. It had already had a great run in Sydney where one reviewer had described it as....’a combination of Beckett and monty Python’.... praise indeed. However for me this production failed to live up to its hype.

I had read the blurb so I had some idea of the plot, but had I not I probably would probably have spent the first 20 minutes or so wondering what on earth was going on, as the audience are very gradually introduced to elderly couple violet and Arthur and their friend Norman.
During the course of the play Violet sadly dies Arthur and Norman are left to grieve in their own ways, Norman might possibly have a bit of a dalliance with Violet at one point but this thread is never fully developed and we are left to speculate.

In terms of comedy this show has one gag ‘old people do things slowly’ which it runs it into the ground over the course of this excruciating slow moving production which runs for an hour an half with no interval.

But let’s try and look to the positive, the fact that very little happens in this me a good chance to look at the Costumes and set, which were very well done,  however the make up had definite room for improvement - stage ageing can be very effective but if your going to do it don’t forget the neck and hands, and get a friend (or fellow cast member?) to help with any hard to reach places.

Also in a strange sort of way the snails pace of the production worked in their favour as it meant whenever anything actually did happen the audience was desperate to approve, and don’t get me wrong there are some genuinely funny and heartfelt moments however they are few and far between.

If nothing else this play got me thinking about the way society treats the elderly and remembering my own departed grandparents who sadly were similarly old and decrepit when they met their maker. 
In fact my Grandmother had a funny little phrase which would have perfectly summed up this production, she would have described it as ‘A bit of a curates egg’, meaning it was good in parts.
But Grandma how can an egg be good in parts? 
Well exactly...

 DIE! DIE! DIE! OLD PEOPLE DIE! at Battersea Arts Centre https://www.bac.org.uk/content/45235/whats_on/whats_on/shows/die_die_die_old_people_die