Tumulus - Soho Theatre (sohotheatre.com)
Anthony (played by  Ciaran Owens) is a 30 something gay man with a respectable job and a penchant for chemsex parties. He is currently being haunted by the ghost of a young man called George who he had sex with on the tumulus on Hampstead Heath and who’s body is later discovered there. Police report he died of drug overdose but after a second body is discovered Anthony believes something more sinister is going on and sets out to investigate....

While Anthony narrates the tale two other actors Ian Ballard, Harry lister Smith step out of the shadows and assume multiple roles to play out various scenes and flashbacks. This was very cleverly done especially the use of voice distortion to differentiate the different characters.
Also as the play describes itself as ‘queer noir’ I thought giving the costumes a film noir edge was a nice touch.

Although the subject matter is dark, (Not just the murder angle, but the play also examines some more serious issues such as AID’s, and the stigma that still faces gay man to this very day.) The play itself is quite satirical with some hilarious descriptions and wonderfully entertaining dialogue, as Anthony moves through the Underbelly of Gay London house party culture in a quest to unravel the murder. 
Fielding his way through a maze of ostentatious dinner menus ( champagne jelly lozenge anyone?) Tasteful mid century furniture and a veritable cornacopea of drugs as he goes.

But it’s not all Wildian rapier wit there is also a bit of soul searching and some touching moments as Anthony reconsidered his attitude to sex and relationships,.
Overall I would say this is a nicely presented slice of black humour and murder most horrid. Maybe not one to take your Granny to but definitely worth a watch.
Tumulus is on at the Soho theatre until May 4th