Night of the Living Dead LIVE! (

Night of the Living Dead - LIVE!  Pleasance Theatre Islington

I was really looking forward to seeing this production and from the outset it did not disappoint: Designer Diego Pitarch has done a fantastic job with the set, a grey scale production featuring an Adam family esq house, flickering projector style lighting and a section of non speaking zombified cinema viewers.

And so the action begins… cue cheesy American accents and tongue in cheek horror as an unlikely assortment of characters are thrown together in the wake of a zombie apocalypse, and must band together to survive!
However despite their best efforts things go hilariously awry, and as the curtain falls on act one the last survivor has just been mistakenly shot by a vigilante rescue squad….

We return for act two in which the would be rescuers find the bodies of our original cast and ponder the events that lead to their deaths. They then play out a variety of increasingly ridiculous scenarios in which the characters might have survived if they’d done things differently all of which of course, ultimately resulted in them dying again. To me this section went on a bit too long and I found my attention starting to wander. However just as I was beginning to think ‘Is this show is loosing its way?’ It bounced back, finishing as all good old American TV dramas should, with a moral and a chirpy little musical number to see us out - Brilliant! 

All the cast played their parts superbly I can’t praise one with out praising them all, so I will end by saying that overall this is an excellent show, highly recommend for anyone who likes a bit of cheesy horror, also fans of ‘Little shop of horrors’, ‘Rocky horror show’ etc will love this. 

 ‘George A. Romero’s Night of the living dead’ is on at Pleasance Theatre, Islington until May 19th catch it while you can!!