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Toast - Nigel slater

I was a big fan of the book when it came out, and have fond memories of sharing it with my mother on family holiday, falling about with laughter reciting the more memorable passages to each other. There is one part that particularly sticks in my mind where a young Nigel tries his first grapefruit and boasts about it to his friends ‘as you might well boast about your first shag’. And so I was very interested when I heard they were doing a theatre adaptation and wondered how on earth they were going to bring this book to the stage? The answer by taking some fairly hefty liberties With the original text with several characters and scenes (sadly including the grapefruit part!) being missed out altogether.
However don’t for a second think that makes it any less enjoyable, on the contrary this whimsical and touching adaptation of Nigel slaters childhood and discovery of cooking positively comes to life on the stage. 
We start with a scene of young Nigel baking jam tarts with his mother, Nigel played by Giles Cooper narrates the tale While the other 4 cast members assume multiple roles around him to bring the scene to life. This method of story telling continues throughout the play in a series of wonderful vignettes in which we explore Nigel’s experience coming of age in 70’s Britain. These include the hilarious ‘Rules of restaurant etiquette’ and the ‘gender politics of sweets’  but also the tragic early death of his mother, the culinary war waged against his gold digging step mother and a toe curling incident involving walnut whips...
Set and costume were excellent, perfectly suggesting the era with out falling into the trap of schmultzy nostalgia, plus a fabulous soundtrack and a free walnut whip for good measure, this show has something for everyone. Tonight the audience gave it a Standing ovation, I defy anyone not to enjoy it!