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Ok so this was very much a fringe production, staged in a very intimate venue The Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden.
Americat is a love story of sorts; Earnest American Scott meets angst ridden Brit Ashley (or is it Amy?) and the story of their doomed romance is told by director Jeff and host of supporting cast.
Its a short piece (only and hour long) and while it was certainly enjoyable to watch it felt like watching a section something longer rather than a finished product, I particularly felt that the main characters needed to be given more of a back story in order to make the play hang together. For example we meet Scott and Amy after they wake up in bed together, but its not clear how they actually met? Why Scott is then so keen to pursue her or even how he came to be in the UK in the first place? Amy alludes to the fact she is struggling to rebuild her life following the break up of marriage but I think if this element was explained in a bit more depth it would make her a more sympathetic character, as it is she just come off a bit aloof.
Also worth mentioning is the fact the play is partially narrated by director Jeff who steps in at various points to remind the actors that they are in fact characters in a play, its the kind of plot device that works well the first time, but constantly breaking the 4th wall starts to loose its impact after a while and further convolutes the storyline.
However this is still a fun play to watch with some excellent comedic moments and fantastic cameos from the supporting cast.
Overall I would say this a work in progress, right now I'll give it 3 stars, but I bet if you caught it next year when it's come back from Edinburgh it'll be a blinder

Tristan Bates Theatre
12-16th Feb
Tickets £10 
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Kid Scott Kettner
Ashley Amy Elliot
Jeff Amin Ali
Teacher 1,2,3,4 George Eggay
Chuck AJ Jeremiah
Buff Guy/Scott Christian Alifoe
Richard/Gary Rory Grant 

Produced by 1912 Productions
Assistant Producer Amin Ali
Directed by Scott Kettner & Company (cast)