Seance at The Vault Festival London Waterloo

Last night I went to see, or should I say 'experience', the immersive production of Séance.  Séance is collaborated by Glen Neath and David Rosenberg, from the company Darkfield.

Upon arrival, I was escorted into a shipping container which holds up to 20 people at a time, sat around a long table.  We were asked to put on headphones, the lights went out, the séance began...

Séance is an intense, sometimes terrifying, piece of narrative theatre which keeps you hanging on to the edge of anxiety for a whole 20 minutes.  Without saying too much and spoiling it, the narrative is based around a manipulative medium who paces up and down the room, inviting spirits into the circle.  He entices the party to question their beliefs in death, superstition and the unknown.  All this is carried out through movement and binaural sound.

I must say I was fantastically impressed by the sound design and was completely absorbed for the whole 20 minutes.  I literally felt physically exhausted at the end of the experience.  It really does take you on a rollercoaster of emotion, fear and outright terror.  This is not for the feint-hearted.  Anyone who is up for a new experience and enjoys a bit of a scare will love it, as I certainly did!

Séance is currently running at The Vault Waterloo, Wednesdays - Sundays from now until 17th March.

In 20 minute sessions from 18:00 - 22:20.

Tickets are available at: